RFID labels in logistics

Thanks to the e-commerce increase, logistics are a key sector of economy and a very popular mode of consumption today. Many benefits have been identified regarding the integration of RFID labels into various logistics activities.

RFID labels: discover UHF logistics labels

The use of large-format paper labels for logistics industry is very interesting. They are printed with thermal transfer using wax film or direct transfer technology.

All these features are retained with UHF logistics labels.

An RFID tag is located between the silicone paper backing (glassine) and the printable adhesive paper. It consists in a chip with a variable memory capacity and an antenna, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

From the moment the label is applied on the pallet, film, carton or package, the RFID label becomes invisible. This makes the tag look like a standard logistics tag.

RFID pour la logistique Etik Ouest Converting

The UHF RFID technology has many advantages

We have identified many advantages of adding the RFID labels in this area, such as

  • Inventories that can be carried out en masse and in real time while reducing the risk of errors: It will be possible to detect a product at a distance thanks to an appropriate reader and the tagging of all products,
  • Storage management becomes simpler (in and out): traceability,
  • The teams spend less time on tedious activities, which increase their productivity, comfort and skills,
  • In order to avoid theft, it is possible to follow a parcel directly thanks to reading antennas in a warehouse, a workshop, etc.
  • Overall costs are reduced and centralised data are more reliable.

To conclusion, the RFID label makes it possible to optimize warehouse flows and company logistics. Moreover, it makes life bemore pleasant for those who have to use it on a daily basis.

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