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Bracelet tags

Features of bracelet tags

Etik Ouest manufactures products specifically developed for use in biathlon, marathon or triathlon, resistant to water and pressures.
For comfortable contact with the skin and a soft feeling, the labels are designed with a soft white foam.

The tags contain two Smartrac Dogbone Nxp Ucode 8 RFID inlays. We realized them with a superior aesthetic white material. Our products are thermal transfer printable. The thickness of the labels is constant and regular, so that they pass through the printer without blocking. 

We supply spool non-stop product with markings for personalisation and encoding in a standard RFID thermal transfer printer.
A removable area is provided for sticking the bracelet to itself (potentially pre-printed). The bracelet can be customized in the colors of your event.


  • Compatible with thermal transfer printers for encoding and printing on ask/li>
  • 2 tags per bracelet for a high level of detection
  • Lightweight product, easy to install
  • Ergonomic design


  • No heavy investment in bracelet
  • No storage
  • Flexibility of supply, allowing multiple purchases
  • No washing; disposable product
  • Direct marketing of each product

Why to choose our RFID tags?

Tags Bracelets, designed for sport, are placed on the wrists or ankles of triathlon participants for tracking, timing, potentially with intermediate stages, and ranking.

UHF gantries read the tags or mobile terminals set up by remote and mass timekeepers.