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Foam spacer bib tags

Features of RFID tags to follow-up physical tests

Etik Ouest manufactures foam spacer bib tags generally used at races and other sporting events. Our race number tags are made of white, high-density PE foam. Foams are available in thicknesses from 1.5 mm to 5 mm, depending on your needs. Moreover, the foam (< 3 mm thickness) is printable on standard thermal transfer printers.

Etik Ouest integrates Smartrac Dogbone impinj R6P or NXP Ucode 8 inlays into tags (other inlays are also available on request). We supply tags with integrated RFID on rolls. Roll sizes can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

N&B printing and RFID encoding are optional.


  • Mass reading with high detection rate
  • Flexible, soft, and light label


  • Thermal transfer printable foam
  • Market standard for easy positioning

Why to choose our RFID tags?

Etik Ouest manufactures RFID bib tags used for sporting events such as running races and marathons. They track time and position of participants. RFID tags generate automated data collection, offer greater accuracy and facilitate the process of recording runners’ times.

The bib tag is made of a foam material that creates a distance between the tag and the body, allowing the radio wave to circulate and limiting interference from the human body.

For greater precision, we recommend 2 tags per bib, for the highest detection and measurement rates.

Are you a sports’ event organizer looking for a timing solution? Etik Ouest is the perferct partner to manufacture your customized RFID tags.