Surface protection labels : self-adhesive film labels

Easily preserve the integrity of your products’ surfaces with our custom-made protective labels.
By opting for hollow labels or by including a grip tab, they can be adapted to all types of products.

Surface protection film: protective labels specifically designed for your project!

The protective labels guarantee the integrity of the product throughout its life cycle, whether the stresses are mechanical, linked to storage or transport. This preservation is valid until the removal of the self-adhesive film by the consumer or the manufacturer. The self-adhesive protection film is UV and moisture resistant and will prevent shocks, scratches, dirt…
We cut your labels according to your project, for them to adhere perfectly to their support. We make hollowed-out stickers that adapt to the shape of the product and allow for assemblies.

Packaged in rolls and cut to size, our protection labels are compatible with both manual and high-speed automatic dispensing.

Typically, the labels are made of a PE film coated with a residue-free removable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The films are either clear or tinted, and can be printed. We tailor the transparency, gloss, thickness and adhesion levels to the application and stresses of your protective labels.
They are easily removed thanks to the made to mesure the grip tabs made to measure, whether in size, thickness or color to adapt them perfectly to your needs.
The most standard applications are the protection of metal parts, chromed, painted, lacquered sheets or having undergone another surface treatment. We also find these labels for the protection of screen surfaces (telephony, household appliances) and transparent glass or plastic surfaces such as vehicle optics.

Non-adhesive protective labels

In addition to self-adhesive protection labels, there are also labels with other properties such as the ability to isolate one part from the other, such as a battery inserted in its final location before the product is put into service.

More generally, we also manufacture non-adhesive labels that can protect or insulate a material for example. We adapt our technical proposals to each request because they are always specific and unique. Thus, we systematically make samples so that you can validate the constructions and that we define together the ideal protection label which answer all your expectations.

Certified IATF 16949, we accompany you in your project, its implementation and its PPAP qualification. Let’s invent new surface protection solutions together!