Standard wet inlays 

Round standard clear labels with a diameter from 12mm to 38mm.

Small sizes from 8x18mm squares or rectangles.

Standard chip or market specific.

NFC customized tags 

In color printing, made-to-measure dimensions according to your needs. Sustainable materials with variable thickness and customization.

Thin anti-UV protective film or thick semi-rigid PET or polycarbonate film coating.

Tags for bottles

Traceability labels to be applied on the collar of bottles.

Several options: QR code variable prints, security pre-cuts, void, holograms, fiber papers, etc…

NFC On metal

Use of 100 to 400μ thick ferrite to make the reading be possible according to the chosen antenna and the reading environment.


NFC Tamper Proof

Labels with NFC antennas with additional circuitry insuring functionality. Information read through NFC application should be modified due to the damage of this annex circuit.

Wine bottles and cosmetic flasks principal use.