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Semi-rigid spacer bib tags

Features of RFID tags for sporting events

Our semi-rigid spacer bib tags are manufactured with a single-layer construction (semi-rigid material covering the RFID inlay) or top and bottom double-layer (tag thickness: 0.5 mm).

Performance levels remain the highest on market. The synthetic material used is resistant to water in all its forms (rain, perspiration, etc.).

The adhesive is suitable for bonding Tyvek bibs subject to water and cold. Smartrac Dogbone impinj R6P or Nxp Ucode 8 inlays are integrated (other inlays are also available on request).
The products are also compatible with thermal transfer printers.

Finally, you can request fixed color personalization (for label discretion) and fade or black & white printing, with optional RFID encoding.


  • Mass reading
  • Reliable reading and timing
  • Stick on all types of bibs


  • Printing and encoding via standard RFID printer
  • Greater storage capacity for bib numbers fitted with RFID tags
  • Attractive price

Why to choose our RFID tags?

First of all, RFID bib tags can be fixed to the backs of bibs for running races or other sporting events: individually or in pairs, depending on the reading devices and timing requirements.

The semi-rigid material prevents the bib from taking the shape of the body and generating contact. This creates a space for radio wave to circulate.

Finally, the tags can be read at the start and finish of the race, sometimes with intermediate readings, providing individual race times for each runner.