Datamatrix miniature labels

Incremented labels printed at the factory. To be applied on plastic or metal surfaces. Hydrocarbons and chemicals products resistant.

Necessarily adapted to engine block pieces’ traceability in Automotive.

Cables and pipes labels

Folding flag labels to be folded around a pipe.

Shapes and materials can be adapted for better conformability and tear resistance, according to the industry.

Anti-counterfeiting labels

Made-to-measure taggant ink printing to ensure product authentification.

Hologram integration or fiber tracker possible.

Laser engraving labels

Labels compatible with very specific pieces engraving systems.

Standard: acrylate, white revealed layer, very high-performance permanent adhesive for metal pieces.

High temperature labels

Yellow or white polyimide material to offer good performance.

Specific labels available with high temperature resistant paper. In some cases, silicone adhesive is used to increase performance.