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Foldable non-adhesive tags

Features of non-adhesive and foldable RFID tags

Etik Ouest manufactures non-adhesive, foldable RFID tags for UHF ski passes and event access badges.

Our RFID tags can be manufactured in white or pre-printed in full color. Moreover, they are compatible with thermal transfer printing, the label can be personalized on both sides. They are also water and snow resistant (synthetic material).

Etik Ouest can advise you on how to integrate an RFID inlay offering the best performance in the desired dimensions. RFID printing and encoding are available as options.

Would you like to hang your RFID tags? We make them to measure!


  • Thermal transfer printing
  • Double-sided printing
  • Remote UHF RFID reading
  • Double-sided color personalization


  • Easy using
  • Personalization by standard printers
  • Economical label

Why to choose our foldable non adhesive tags?

Etik Ouest manufactures foldable, non-adhesive RFID tags designed to be attached or suspended like ski passes. So they are adapted to your needs

Firstly, our tags are made from resistant materials to withstand frequent handling and harsh weather conditions.

Secondly, they are easy to personalize on both sides, thanks to thermal transfer printing.

Finally, tags equipped with an antenna and a UHF chip enable remote identification without visual contact. The read allow to trigger a counter, a time measurement, a right of access, etc.

Looking for non-adhesive folding labels? Etik Ouest is the ideal supplier for your project!