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Laces tags

Features of laces tags

Etik Ouest manufactures custom-made RFID tags for timing running events such as marathons.

We print our tags with instructions for them to fit to the laces.

Different RFID inlays are available: UHF and dual frequency.


  • Visual labels for advertising purposes
  • Mass reading for timing


  • Stand out from the competitors
  • Not necessarily directly associated with the bib, less preparation required

Why to choose our RFID laces tags?

Etik Ouest manufactures RFID laces tags corresponding to your specifications. Technically, the tags form a loop around the laces of the runner’s shoe. Our tags make it possible to time sporting events accurately and reliably when shoes remain clean and dry. So, avoid trail running, where shoes can get muddy at times.

How it works: participants wear RFID chips attached to their shoes. These RFID chips are activated as they pass through a checkpoint, sending out a signal which is picked up by RFID antenna. The time information is then recorded and stored in a central timing system. Noting that the tags positioned on the shoes are far away from the body and are therefore subject to less disturbance, offering a better read rate.

Our tags offer high accuracy and reliability in time measurement. They eliminate the human errors associated to manual time-taking, and deliver more accurate and precise results.

The complexity of this type of tag lies in its installation on the shoe.

Etik Ouest can help you selecting the best device matching to your needs.