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PRODUCTS / Labels and flexible pieces


Traceability labels, implemented to the most specific constraints.

Protective labels 

Anti-scratch, foreign matters or painting mask. A wide range of innovative and technical products is offered to suit to your needs.

Thin insulator

Customized shape labels, specific materials to suit either to long lasting or to temporary use.

Adhesive patch

To join workpieces in your process, made-to-measure cutting of double-sided adhesive patches.


All types of thin metals’ cutting, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass, complexed PET, either smooth or embossed. Continuous or discontinuous patterns’ cutting.

Foam and rubber

Made-to-measure cutting, gluing adhesive or not. Supply in continuous roll or in board, either on paper or film. Seal parts, stabilizers, filters.

Functional pieces

Flexible and thin materials suitable to miniaturization and weight / performance optimization.
Shape cutting. Pieces to limit overheating, to ensure sliding whether in rotation, or whether in translation. Electromagnetic driver or absorber, printed electronics, etc…