Tags and RFID labels

All business lines, tags UHF, NFC,
dual-frequency, tamper proof, sustainable, etc.

Labels and flexible pieces

Automotive industry, electronics.

Pieces adapted to clean room or particular functionalities.


Partial cutting, scooping out, adhesiving, multi-materials’ complexing, printing

Etik Ouest, as a technical solutions’ supplier, offer:
– an expertise in the choice of materials
– innovative technologies
– quick prototype
– high-tech products adapted to you.

The conception of RFID labels, from standard to made-to-measure ones, is realized in a grey room with last generation process machines.

Our packaging process into reels, sheets, fan-folded or in pieces bring an undeniable competitive advantage. Offering RFID traceability solutions, technical labels and transformation solutions are our job.


Customized solutions, technical labels & RFID products are manufactured by Etik Ouest. After studying your specifications, we are able to develop together a unique concept to answers to your needs.

  • Integration of all kinds of dry or wet inlays at the requested pitch, multi-lame possible
  • Multi-materials complexing up to 7 layers (aluminium, kapton, ferrite, polycarbonate, textile…)
  • Label Dimensions: 5 to 530 mm x 5 to 440 mm, specific shapes and cuts
  • Printing 6 colors + varnish, braille print, window, double-sided, digital
  • RFID encoding and incremental code printing
  • 100% check, removal of defective tags, marking