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Watertight tags

Features of resistant watertight RFID tags

Etik Ouest manufactures RFID tags in custom sizes and shapes.

These labels are available in UHF (7xm+, Ucode 8, R6P, etc.), HF iso15693, NFC 14443 or dual-frequency. They can be printed in colour with variable printing and encoding.

They are available in flexible or semi-rigid versions. Fixing method: hole for cable clamp, screw and clip mounting.

The RFID inlay and print are protected to resist rubbing, moisture, chemicals, washing….


  • Optical and RFID reader
  • Sustainable and reusable
  • Display reader
  • Memory adapted to each application


  • Reliable, durable products
  • No adhesion constraints
  • Easy to set up
  • RFID tracking and process automation

How to use RFID tags in your company?

The chips integrated in our RFID tags make them be suitable for the most specific applications where glue is either undesirable or insufficient.

These tags can be stapled, screwed, used outdoor or integrated into label holders, so that there is no limit to what they can be used for.

They can be used for visual and RFID traceability, and for contact or mass reading in gantries.

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