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Sustainable development,
a major concern for Etik Ouest

Preserving environment is important for Etik Ouest.
Our labels are eco-designed for our future and for the one of our children.

A priority: environment

Eco-friendly labels
Together with our suppliers, we are constantly looking for eco-responsible materials that take into account impact on environment.
Offering you environmentally friendly products is particularly important to us.

Low migration inks
In addition to our concern for environment, we attach great importance to the safety of our products and the health of our consumers, so that we use “low migration” inks.

Reducing waste
In compliance with current regulations, Etik Ouestmanage all their industrial waste.
The Quality department oversees this management by relying on collection organisations specialising in waste treatment, recycling and recovery, in order to minimise our carbon footprint.
By integrating a digital press in 201, we have significantly reduced the waste generated by our transformation and since 2022, we have practiced glassine’ recycling.
Sorting and waste limitation instructions have been systematized for all our employees to raise their separated from the rest of the waste to be reprocessed.

Eco-responsible actions
Etik Ouest contribute to the implementation of all kinds of eco-responsible actions.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach aims to take better account of environmental impacts, involving sustainable development considerations in every investment or development action. The Qualétiq’ certification (quality and progress label for adhesive label manufacturers), obtained by Etik Ouest, bears witness to this. Etik Ouest is also FSC® C169758, Imprim’Vert and Ecovadis certified.

Technology at service of the circular economy

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