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Timing solutions

Discover our range of sports and hobbies labels. All our labels are made to your specifications.

tags dossards spacer semi rigides, etikouest converting

Semi-rigid spacer bib tags

The performance level of our semi-rigid spacer tags is among the highest on the market.

tags dossards spacer mousse, etikouest converting

Foam spacer bib tags

Our foam tags can be printed on a standard thermal transfer printer.

tags rfid non adhésif repliables, etikouest converting

Foldable non-adhesive tags

Non-adhesive folding tags are customizable on both sides.

tags rfid lacets, etikouest converting

Laces tags

Our laces tags come with instructions for easy installation.

tag bracelet pour le chronométrage

Bracelet tags

Our labels are made of soft white foam for the comfort of sportsmen and women.