RFID labels: jewellery traceability

Identifying jewellery with RFID: optimising inventory! Tired of spending hours counting your products? Want to save time, improve efficiency and exactness, and avoid any risk of error? Switch to RFID! RFID is a [...]

RFID labels: jewellery traceability2023-06-08T13:51:27+02:00

NFC labels & Qr code labels for restaurants, bistros and bars

NFC RFID labels invite themselves on the tables of cafes, bistros and restaurants to promote your brand The functions of NFC labels and QR Code labels are numerous: informative, advertising, promotional, recreational, contests, [...]

NFC labels & Qr code labels for restaurants, bistros and bars2022-06-30T15:25:07+02:00

Ultra-resistant labels for extreme conditions

Ultra-resistant labels: a long-life label! Do you need heavy-duty labels that stand up to harsh conditions? Discover our long-life and resistant labeling solutions that meet many constraints: UV rays, humidity, dirt, chemicals, extreme [...]

Ultra-resistant labels for extreme conditions2022-06-30T15:25:34+02:00

RFID labels and technical labels

For each project, a label! Whether for logistics, marketing, traceability or identification, adhesive labels are everywhere! Discover the different kinds of labels that are sure to fit all your applications. RFID [...]

RFID labels and technical labels2022-06-30T15:26:05+02:00

Surface protection labels

Surface protection labels : self-adhesive film labels Easily preserve the integrity of your products’ surfaces with our custom-made protective labels. By opting for hollow labels or by including a grip tab, they can [...]

Surface protection labels2022-06-30T15:27:23+02:00

Identification labels for plastic bins

Durable identification labels for plastic bins and other containers Reliable container identification is often an industry issue because it influences overall performance and efficiency. It can be standard or RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), [...]

Identification labels for plastic bins2022-06-30T15:29:04+02:00

Traceability of reusable contents

Track and manage reusable containers: traceability labels for efficient logistics. Whatever the sector of activity: industry, retail or agri-food, reusable containers are essential tools for the logistics chain. These containers, such as bins, [...]

Traceability of reusable contents2022-06-30T11:34:45+02:00

Protection and anti-counterfeiting

Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting labels: a relationship in trust with the user It is sometimes necessary to guarantee the protection and authenticity of a product or a brand. For this, there are multiple [...]

Protection and anti-counterfeiting2022-06-30T11:34:16+02:00

RFID Identification of items in the retail sector

RFID in the retail sector The retail sector has been incorporating RadioFrequence Identification (or RFID) for a few years because it brings many advantages for the manufacturer, the distributor and the consumer. Discover [...]

RFID Identification of items in the retail sector2022-06-30T15:28:10+02:00
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