NFC RFID labels invite themselves on the tables of cafes, bistros and restaurants to promote your brand

The functions of NFC labels and QR Code labels are numerous: informative, advertising, promotional, recreational, contests, etc. In the digital age, they are great marketing tools to communicate about your brand and build customer loyalty!s !

NFC labels and QR Code labels, how do they work

Etik Ouest offers RFID labels that integrate NFC technology with encoding of a unique URL that corresponds to a serialized color QR Code.
The labels are stuck on the tables of restaurants, bistros and bars. The consumer accesses a unique information using his smartphone via RFID technology or QR Code (Quick Response Code). He is directed to a website or a mobile application. A specific algorithm, determined jointly with your partners and your brand, then proposes games, immediate discounts, or promotional offers!
This is the perfect way to fuel discussions on the terrace, to build loyalty among your customers and to conquer new 2.0 targets!

NFC labels, high-end materials

The NFC technology (Near Field Communication), allows to access directly to the information with the smartphone, without contacting a specific application. This method has the advantage of being more fluid than other technologies such as the QR Code.

Etik Ouest uses high quality materials that make the label aesthetic. This one is multi-complexed to integrate the NFC technology. It meets the world standard, ISO/IEC 14443A – 13,56MHz chip.

Regarding the adhesive, Etik Ouest offers permanent acrylic adhesives for a good adherence, in time, on the various supports. As for the fixed and variable color printing, the label is protected by a layer of anti-UV clear PET. This increases the resistance to rubbing and washing products, and also increases the color stability duration.

Create your differentiation by using NFC technology coupled with QR Code. Real marketing tool, many innovative applications are still to be created, let your creativity speak!
For any RFID label projects, contact Etik Ouest!