Track and manage reusable containers: traceability labels for efficient logistics.

Whatever the sector of activity: industry, retail or agri-food, reusable containers are essential tools for the logistics chain. These containers, such as bins, boxes, drums, dollies or pallets, are often abused and can sometimes be lost or stolen. Without their immediate availability, they can even disrupt an activity as a whole: delay in the preparation of packages, delay in delivery, delay in putting products on the shelf, dissatisfaction of customers. To effectively manage the flow of reusable containers, traceability labels are simple and effective solutions for tracking. Etik Ouest offers cost-effective and efficient labeling solutions to trace your reusable containers, which allow you to perform in your supply chain.

Reusable containers: an economical and ecological choice

Choosing reusable containers is a step away from waste treatment at the end of the supply chain and the cost of doing so. They make it possible to reduce the bill on the logistic cost by about 40%. Of course, the benefit is economic but it is also ecological: the containers are reusable at will! The purchase of containers becomes sustainable, we are talking about an economy that is no longer disposable but sustainable.

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Traceability of reusable containers: a high-performance supply chain

The demand for reusable containers has increased for a few years. Their use is more and more widespread because they make it possible to have a better vision throughout the supply chain. Returnable containers save logistical costs by limiting the loss and theft that previously impacted profitability. Containers are better used and have the ability to manage inventory to the “just need”. There is no need to have buffer stocks anymore.

Reusable container traceability labels: a simple and efficient solution

Etik Ouest offers container traceability labels that help you manage flows and inventory. The labels are tailor-made, according to your applications and adapt to the different containers and their materials: glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc.

They can contain a barcode, or a QR Code, are readable thanks to a smartphone and make the interaction containing and are intuitive and instantaneous for consumers.

Container tracking labels are suitable for all sizes of businesses and logistics parks. Labelling your reusable containers is simple to set up and easy for field operators to use. Your supply chain thus wins in performance.

étiquettes de traçabilité de contenants réutilisables Etik Ouest Converting

Etik Ouest manufactures reusable container labels that fit on all material: metal, glass, plastic, etc.

RFID labels for container traceability: reliable tracking

Etik Ouest offers RFID labels that help to instant visibility on your container stock and location: in your company, by your customers or at suppliers.

The use of RFID tags provides reliable data that significantly reduces processing errors. The supply chain gains speed and productivity and can rely on accurate data to optimize flows instantly.

Depending on your applications and constraints, Etik Ouest advises you on the type of RFID label, in order to optimize efficiency and optimize your budget.

tik Ouest Converting, conception et fabrication d'étiquettes techniques et RFID, tags et étiquettes RFID, étiquette logistique, étiquette pour bac en plastique, gamme PC

Etik Ouest manufactures RFID labels for reusable containers. Our RFID labels are conceived to resist to the most extreme conditions.

Etik Ouest is a trusted partner who inform you and guide you in the choice of the traceability label which best suite to your needs also considering the habits of your customers or consumers.