PRODUCTSTags and RFID labels / Dual-frequency

Dual BAC range

Plastic containers traceability product. Large UHF antennas to be read by checkpoints. NFC antennas efficient enough to be quickly read by Smartphone.

Products adapted to washing constraints, chemical and UV radiation exposition resistant. Products to be used on containers are shared in between companies with access to the traceability of trays whatever infrastructures are.

Dual for Retail 

54 × 34 standard format labels to perform in RFID operations, all UHF reading. The NFC part makes it possible to interact with the final consumer. Many uses for customer loyalty, anti-counterfeiting, traceability, etc…

Other sizes available for wine-producing or others…

Dual for Industry

Thanks to dual-frequency technology, made-to-measure labels and materials assembling are possible.

According to process, encoding can be done on production line in UHF or HF. In logistics, they are used to be read and also access to detailed information with both protocols, via NFC, significantly reducing materials’ investment costs.

Dual-frequency windscreen tags

Standard or customized tags with many cuttings and color printing. Use in access site / parking.

Vehicle checks operations, reloading, or NFC direct updates on terminals or professional mobiles or smartphones.