Ultra-resistant labels: a long-life label!

Do you need heavy-duty labels that stand up to harsh conditions?
Discover our long-life and resistant labeling solutions that meet many constraints: UV rays, humidity, dirt, chemicals, extreme temperatures, etc.

Characteristics of the ultra-resistant labels

These technical labels can be used to transmit information related to traceability, communicate on the safety of people, or simply identify.

Characteristics of the ultra-resistant labels:

  • resistance to temperature variations,
  • resistance to water,
  • resistance to greasy products,
  • resistance to chemicals and solvents,
  • resistance to UV rays,
  • resistance to scratches, abrasion,
  • barcodes, serial numbers, increments,
  • lamination,
  • size and colors at your convenience.

Etik Ouest offers custom-made ultra-resistant labels. Our technical experts help you to make the good selection of materials for your long-life labeling.

étiquettes ultra-resistantes, Etik Ouest converting

Heavy duty labels for logistics transport bins: one application example

Etik Ouest offers long-life labels for transport bins in logistics that navigate between indoors and outdoors: plastic containers, garbage cans, returnable products, etc.

These labels are robust; they are resistant to extreme conditions related to the climate, motor oil and chemical products. They can be blank or printed and compatible with thermal transfer printing.

These long-life labels can also be equipped with an RFID tag to ensure traceability.

étiquettes ultra résistantes, Etik Ouest convertie

You need a long-life label to resist to a constraining environment?
Etik Ouest accompanies you to determine the best adhesive assembly.
Contact us to make your ultra-resistant labels!