For each project, a label!

Whether for logistics, marketing, traceability or identification, adhesive labels are everywhere! Discover the different kinds of labels that are sure to fit all your applications.

RFID labels ans technical labels

The technical constraints, always more demanding, motivate Etik Ouest to constantly innovate and to find solutions for all applications:
  • resistance to abrasion, temperature rise, outdoor durability (humidity and UV),
  • insulation or electrical conductivity,
  • high performance adhesive on difficult substrates and/or those, exposed to chemical aggression, for example,
  • RFID label (traceability, inventory, …),
  • security label (VOID, destructible, …),
  • masking label with gripping tab,
  • surface protection label.
Every problem has its solution, and we proud appreciate to work with you to find the optimal configuration to meet your expectations.
For this propose, a design and methods department is at your disposal to discuss your projects. We work in complete confidentiality and establish NDAs for the most sensitive projects.
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Protective foam adhesive labels: focus on one type of label!

For example, the protection of supports without causing their deterioration can be a constraint for several manufacturers. Before a device is put into service or a product is used, it may be subject to numerous constraints such as shocks, friction, scratches or displacement of elements.
The custom-made foam label might be THE solution to your problems!

Foam has many advantages: it is light, rigid or flexible, durable, conformable, potentially waterproof and non-abrasive. Applied to critical areas and possibly to prevent from some risks, the foam label will serve as a cushion and will undoubtedly absorb the stresses endured by the substrate.

The adhesive will be adapted to the surface and selected according to the constraints. It can be permanent, removable or repositionable.
If you are looking for an easy label removal device, a grip tab can be added to complete your solution.

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Etik Ouest produces custom-made RFID labels and technical labels which are adapted to your applications. Our Research and Development Department is at your disposal to guide you to build your projects.
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