Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting labels: a relationship in trust with the user

It is sometimes necessary to guarantee the protection and authenticity of a product or a brand. For this, there are multiple options. Discover our wide range of materials and our printing methods.

Securing your products: which solutions?

Whether it is intended for B to B or B to C, it may be necessary to guarantee the authenticity of your product and to attest its conformity.

There are, for this purpose, various processes: printing of anti-counterfeiting marking or unique identification number, closing labels called “inviolable” (destructible, VOID highlighting a fraudulent opening,…). RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels also provide highly secure authenticity and traceability.

étiquettes void, etiquettes destructibles, etiquettes RFID, Etik Ouest Converting

VOID labels, destructible labels, RFID labels

Customized identification solutions: RFID tags and labels proposed by Etik Ouest

In line with your industrial, economic and security challenges, we offer a wide range of solutions adapted to your needs and constraints. To these solutions,  specificities to combine traceability, authentication, compliance and security can be added.

Our manufacturing processes allow for anti-counterfeiting printing or unique identification numbers, but also the transformation and lamination of materials dedicated to anti-fraud, as well as the assembly of RFID tags to these products.

Our design department will be able to assist you in the choice, or to customize for you, the most technically and economically adapted solution to your needs, while also meeting your environmental and durability constraints.

Do you want to authenticate your products? Is reliable traceability at every point in the chain a key concern for you?

We are able to accompany you and assist you on the most suitable option.