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Non-adhesive labels

of the non-adhesive labels


Our non-adhesive labels are fully customizable: you choose the material (paper or synthetic), the size, the shape, the thickness, the packaging, the printing on one or both sides, and all the elements that make up your label.

They adapt to your environmental constraints and are attached on your products by means of specific cuts for rivets, staples, straps, etc.

They are packaged in rolls or sheets.

Features :

  • Customized solution
  • Color and/or black and white printing, front and/or back
  • Materials selected according to the desired printing
  • Customizable (logo, normative information, etc.)

Advantages :

  • Multi-media use
  • Weather resistant, tear resistant and durable (if needed)

Why choose our non-adhesive labels?

Etik Ouest manufactures your non-adhesive labels according to your specifications. According to your applications, we propose you the most appropriate materials for your labels. Examples: tearproof material or material resistant to grease, high heat, rubbing or UV.

Non-adhesive labels are, for example, used for inventories, identification of carts, cables, in nurseries, for ticketing and for commercial products.

Are you looking for a glueless label ? Are you looking for cardboard labels ? Etik Ouest manufactures and prototypes your non-adhesive labels, contact our sales team to be accompanied in your project.