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Durable, heavy-duty labels for harsh environments

Characteristics of labels durable

Our durable labels are resistant to extreme conditions regardless of environmental, mechanical or chemical stress.
They are made of a synthetic material and a high-performance adhesive.

We manufacture your custom-made durable labels.


  • High performance adhesives on all surfaces
  • Dedicated synthetic face (PET, PVC, etc.)
  • Color or black and white printing
  • Customizable (logo, normative information, etc.)
  • Protective lamination according to constraints

Advantages :

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical agents
  • Compatible with high temperatures
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Long life span

Why choose our durable labels for harsh environments?

Our durable labels can withstand harsh conditions: chemicals, friction, dirt, moisture, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. They guarantee a reliable identification and are adapted to all industrial sectors, especially automotive and aeronautics. Etik Ouest offers blank or printed durable labels that can be equipped with a RFID tag to ensure the traceability of your products.

Do you need ultra-resistant labels that can resist to extreme conditions?
Our technical experts are at your disposal to help you realize your project.