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Double-coated labels

of double-coated labels

The double-coated labels allow to arrange several labels in one and thus to multiply the adhesives.

More in detail, the first adhesive layer sticks on a siliconized paper which is itself applied on a second adhesive material supported by a siliconized paper. We make more or less deep cuts to use one or the other adhesive layer.

Widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, the double-coated label combines ease of use and personalization.


  • Possibility to combine several adhesives (removable, permanent, reinforced)
  • Blank or printed
  • Customizable (logo, normative information, etc)

Advantages :

  • Easy to use
  • Customized cuts and size
  • Multi-application

Why choose our double-coated labels?

Etik Ouest manufactures custom-made double-coated labels for all your applications. These labels are an efficient alternative to the classical labels because they allow to associate two different adhesives on the same surface.

We recommend double coated adhesive labels for tracking and tracing merchandise, gift certificates, medication boxes or the identification of samples and patient files.

Are you looking for double-coated labels? Consult us to discuss your project together.