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High-temperature resistant labels

Caracteristics of
high-temperature resistant labels

Our high-temperature labels are resistant up to 300°C and retain their properties thanks to high-performance materials.

They allow the identification and the traceability of your products: we can, upon request, supply them blank or printed with your data.

We fully customized the production of your high-temperature labels.


  • High-performance polyimide or acetate adhesive
  • Color or black and white printing
  • Customizable (logo, normative information, etc.)


  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemical aggressions
  • Reliable and durable labelling
  • Custom design and manufacturing

Why choose our high-temperature resistant labels?

Etik Ouest offers you labels resistant to strong temperature variations. These labels are made of adapted adhesive materials which guarantee their durability.

Our high temperature resistant labels can be applied on engine blocks, printed circuits or on any parts subjected to high heat.

Our technical experts are at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you in the choice of the most suitable construction for your constraints.