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Laser engravable labels

of the laser engravable labels

Laser engravable labels allow you to identify and trace your products in a durable way. They combine the same reliability as engraved metal plates.

Process: laser engravable labels are composed of two layers of different colors. By removing the top layer of the substrate, the laser marking reveals the underlayer.

This technology is particularly suitable for long-term marking of barcodes and serial numbers.


  • Double layer with customizable colors
  • Supplied on rolls or fanfold
  • High-performance adhesion even on difficult-to-bond surfaces

Advantages :

  • Very good resistance to abrasion and chemicals
  • Temperature range up to 200°C
  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • Printable with your laser printer
  • Excellent legibility of the print

Why choose our laser engravable labels?

Etik Ouest offers laser engravable labels, tailor-made, resistant to chemical products, abrasion, aging and temperatures up to 200°C. Their composition is also validated by UL and CSA standards, which ensure the electrical safety of the devices. In addition, our laser engravable labels are applicable on a wide variety of substrates.

Are you looking for identification labels that can be printed accurately and durably?

Our technical team will advise you on your laser engravable adhesive labels project.