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2D datamatrix and QR code traceability labels

Datamatrix and QR code
labels features


Our datamatrix and QR Code labels are two-dimensional (2D) barcode labels. They allow the storage of information on very small surfaces.

We manufacture your datamatrix and QR Code labels tailor-made. You can choose: the size, the material, the adhesive, the incrementation / numbering.

Depending on your application, we will be able to recommend you the most suitable material for your datamatrix or QR Code labels.

Features :

  • Labels : printed with your data
  • Adhesive : permanent, reinforced, removable
  • Packaging : in rolls, adaptable to your needs

Advantages :

  • Large amount of data in a limited space
  • Security of the information
  • Robust over time
  • Can be read with a low resolution reader
  • Code recognition regardless of reading orientation

Why choose our datamatrix and QR code labels?

Those two-dimensional codes have a major difference: the QR Code can store more information than the datamatrix. However, each code has its advantages!

The QR Code has been democratized and is now found in restaurants and cafés to replace menus. It facilitates communication with consumers, allowing quick access, especially via a smartphone, to a multimedia content, a website or a promotional campaign.

As for datamatrix, it allows to store information on a limited surface in a secure way. It is used for marking very small parts such as automotive parts, which is why datamatrix labels are widely used in industrial and pharmaceutical traceability. Even partially erased, the datamatrix code can be deciphered by a reader, thanks to an integrated error correction process.

Etik Ouest offers you customized bidimensional labels according to your applications. Choosing Etik Ouest means choosing a qualified and experienced label provider who will be able to accompany you to secure your information flows and allow the traceability of your products.