Cookies policy


The Site, hereinafter named the Site, uses cookies. When you consult the Site, cookies are place on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The here after information’s aim is to allow the user to better understands how cookies work and where to find the tools allowing to configure them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file with information, who is recorded in the hard disk of the terminal (ex: computer, tablet or smartphone) opportunity of the consultation of a website through your software navigation. It is given by the Internet server to your navigator. The cookie file allows its emitter to identify the terminal in which it is registered during the period of validity or registration of the cookie concerned.

Why cookies are used on the Site?

The Site uses 2 categories of cookies whose purposes are described below.

1. Functionality cookies
These cookies are not essential to navigation on the Site but allow to optimize the operation of the Site and to offer a smooth and made-to-measure navigation.
The Website uses functionality cookies in particular in the online ask for a quotation.

2. Audience measurement cookies (statistics)
These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website.
The Site uses cookies to measure audience, through google analytics.

3. Sharing cookies (social links)
The Site contains links to Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other similar social networks that allow you to share Site content with others persons. When the User uses these share buttons, a third cookie is installed. If the User is connected to the social network while surfing on the Site, the share buttons are used to link the contents consulted to the User account.

How to manage cookies?

Many possibilities are offered to the User to manage cookies. However, it is specified that any configuration made by the User may change the navigation on Internet and the conditions to access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

The User can make the choice at any time to express and modify his wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.

1. Configuration of your Navigator
For Chrome :
For Internet Explorer
For FireFox
For Opéra

2. Audience measurement cookies (statistics)
For cookies left by google Analytics

3. Sharing cookies (social links)
For cookies left by Facebook
For cookies left by LinkedIn
For cookies left by You Tube

More information about cookies

For more information about cookies, the User can go to the site of the CNIL, through this link: